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Our Story

It was love at first sight and soon after she said "Yes, I would love to!" We were then dropped into the world of wedding planning. Both of us wanted a fun, handcrafted, and unique experience for our guests. A friend suggested we get a photo booth and we both thought that's it! We became determined to find the perfect one. Searching high and low, we found nothing that suited our tastes or our budget. One day while discussing the dilemma, Dominic had a eureka moment, "why don't we just build one?". That day the idea was conceived and we put our heads and hands to work, creating a photo booth that we would want to have at our wedding.



There is nothing more satisfying than to see that smile on your guest's face knowing that they had a blast at our photo booth. We strive hard to enrich your events by capturing memories and creating unique experiences for you and your guests. We will treat your guests as our own and do our very best to make your event vision a reality.

 Can you tell that we really love what we do? We look forward to learning more about you and your event.

- Chantalle and Dominic

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