How it all began

What can we say? For us, it was definitely love at first sight. Not long after she said “Yes!” we became immersed in planning our perfect wedding. We both wanted a fun, handcrafted, and unique experience for our guests. When a friend suggested we get a photo booth for our wedding, we both thought, “That’s it!” And yet, after searching high and low for the perfect photo booth, we found nothing that suited our tastes or our budget. That’s when we decided to build our own instead! 

With our passion for the handcrafted and our love of vintage, we decided to build our own photo booth out of solid oak, complete with an old-fashioned camera with leather bellows and a brass lens. The Large Format Camera Design from the 1900s was perfect for us. 

After many napkin drawings, numerous prototypes, and hours of hard work, we realized we had the makings of a fun business idea, and Snaptique was born!



What makes us tick

There is nothing more satisfying than to see that smile on your guest's face knowing that they had a blast at our photo booth. We strive hard to enrich your events by capturing memories and creating unique experiences for you and your guests. We will treat your guests as our own and do our very best to make your event vision a reality.